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FREE Seminar - Sunday April 7, 2019
@3-4:30 PM

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Simple tools that will help you to appreciate every moment of your life. With as little as 10 minutes per day of quiet practice, we become better equipped to navigate the ups and downs of life on a daily basis. You will be taught a simple technique that you can put into practice immediately. No previous experience needed.

In addition we will explore the following questions:

1. What is Mindfulness?
2. What is Mindfulness Meditation?
3. What is the foundational practice on which everything rests?
4. What is the significance of "breathing" in Mindfulness Practice?
5. What are the benefits of a daily Mindfulness practice?
6. How can I practice this at home?

No previous experience needed. We have chairs for those who wish to use them. Or please bring your own cushion if you wish to sit on the floor.

Greenlands Health and Variety Store - 2000 N. Federal Hwy. Boynton Beach, FL 33483
561-921-4238 ~ The class is one flight up. Sorry no elevator.


Info: yogaboca@comcast.net
Phone/Text: 561-245-1273

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